Perspective from Bad Astronomy

I just saw this on Bad Astronomy and I just had to snag it!

This is even better than marching through the snow to school for seven miles up hill both ways. :-P

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I've created, totally on a whim, a wiki for Sluggy Freelance. It's a cool comic, but when I went looking for a wiki and didn't find one, I just up and started one. I've done very little to it since. So, if you like Sluggy Freelance and want to join in, be my guest!

BTW, I do intend to get to work on it eventually. But, I am also, like, procrastinating at my main hobby of colonizing the galaxy, so we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out.

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Lotto Numbers

I just realized that even IF I wanted to play the lottery, my favorite numbers are 42, π, e, and i. I don't think I could play them.