Houses Woven Out of Trees Proposed

Discovery Channel :: News :: Houses Woven Out of Trees Proposed: "Growing a home from living trees instead of building a home from felled timber is the goal of an architect from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Mitchell Joachim, part of the MIT Media Lab's Smart Cities Group, along with ecological engineer Lara Greden and architect Javier Arbona, propose a home that is actually an ecosystem.
The Fab Tree Hab goes beyond sustainable housing and so-called green design — building with materials that have a low impact on the environment and human health."

This could be more than the ultimate tree house experience. I could see this used in a science fiction context where a group of people and/or aliens use nature to fabricate their village. Architecture and family planning go hand in hand. If children are coming, plant trees for the extension. By the time they need their own rooms, the walls have been woven into place.

This could be used as a naturalistic interior of a space settlement. The hollow interior of the sphere, torus, or cylinder can be terraformed as a natural environment. Any structures needed can then be woven in place from trees and bushes. If the settlements have a relatively small population, they could live above ground in these houses. Otherwise they can live "below" in the shell, close to nature. Beyond the residential shell, are the hidden industrial and protective shells.

These ideas apply to terraformed domes, asteroids,and planets as well.

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